5 Yoga Poses to Take on the Trail


I recently wrote a guest post for Hike Like a Woman called 5 Yoga Poses to Take on the Trail.

Here’s a tiny excerpt:

Want to hike further, recover faster, and breathe deeper? Yes, please!  Then you might want to add a regular yoga practice to your weekly routine.  Ideally you should practice yoga 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week, but even a little yoga can help you add body awareness, strength, stamina, stability, flexibility and endurance to your hikes.   And you don’t have to head indoors to practice, you can bring yoga out on the trails with you.   Best of all, yoga and hiking share a lot of similarities that may not at first seem obvious: both can be very meditative,  it takes you out of your head and connects you with something greater than yourself, and allows you to tap into a feeling of peace, quiet, and being grounded.  Click here to read about the 5 Yoga Poses to Take on the Trail.

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